Alkaviva Ultra Spartan Filter With External Housing

Alkaviva Ultra Spartan Filter With External Housing


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The Spartan Ionizer Shield is not a stand-alone product and has been specially designed to be installed before your ionizer - either above of below counter.

The Spartan has been created especially for those who demand a higher level of protection in both the quality of their water and in the protection of their ionizer. The Spartan overcomes the downsides of traditional Reverse Osmosis systems while giving you great quality and great tasting water.

The Spartan Ionizer Shield is a unique and proprietary combination of filtration, softening media and softening technology with 21 to 23 distinct stages (depending on if used in hard or soft water areas).

This unique and proprietary system will eliminate virtually all your drinking water concerns while it helps protect your water ionizer by protecting against scale buildup.



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