Athena BioStone Plus and 2 Fluoride Shield Filters

Athena BioStone Plus and 2 Fluoride Shield Filters


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The BioStone Plus starts with the same compressed carbon block then adds "Plus Technology" by impregnating it with specialty media to increase contaminant reduction. It removes more than the Basic including chloramine, heavy metals and other tough contaminants. Containing Scale Guard protection, it will outperform any GAC filter - regardless of micron rating.
It can be used in our older Vesta, Athena, Melody, Microlite, Venus, Melody, Orion, Aquarius, Delphi models and in our current H2 models.

Important - Athena BioStone Plus paired with two (2) Fluoride Shield filters. Select if you have fluoridated water and you wish to remove it.



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